The missing ingredient:

Cooking Blindly

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In Brazil, there are 6.5 million people with blindness or some visual impairment; however, no cookbook is fully developed for them. Until now.

“In the staircase of life, the steps are made of books”.

Cooking Blindly is an experience that goes through all the senses.

Smell - Recognition of ingredients through scents.

Touch - Embossed and high relief illustrations and Braille text.

Hearing - Immersion with audio and transcription of each page.

Low Vision - Large letters and adapted layout.

Taste - Popular and delicious recipes.

“The kitchen is a democratic space. And with this Guide, we have an important inclusion tool for people with visual impairments”.

Adapted kitchen utensils



Measuring cups


Finger protector that turns into a spatula

Audiobook and image transcription

button for listening to audio image transcription

“More than helping to regain the self-esteem and independence of people with visual impairments, Maggi is showing that cooking is really for everyone”.

The making of the Guide